Why Stone Quartz Surfaces?

The Stone Age

One of the main differences that separate Stone Quartz from other quartz companies is that we don’t have board members and executives that have never actually seen or experienced the products that they sell and have an influence on. Instead, every single person in our organization has a Stone Quartz surface in their home. Every member of our organization lives, breathes, and even eats stone (we don’t recommend this…). We have members that started their careers by grinding stone floors in hotel lobbies at 13 years old, over 50 years ago (we refer to this as “The Stone Age”). Our point is, yes, we have a warranty, and yes, we have been doing this for a very long time, but the reason you should trust Stone Quartz is that it’s made of people who quite literally live by our products

Modern Designs

At one point in the last 50 years, granite was the most in-demand stone in the world, this was due to the fact that it is a strong material that boasts naturally wild patterns, which was much more popular in the 1970s. Due to the fact that quartz and granite bear very similar physical qualities, quartz was invented to directly compete with granite. Because of that, quartz was always made to look like granite. In more recent years, the demand for granite is no longer existent, which is why Stone Quartz is proud to not have one single product that looks like granite, in the meantime, the demand for marble has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, several quartz companies offer products that they say “looks like marble”, but we’re still unsure what marble they’re referencing, we’ll keep you posted if we find out. Stone Quartz offers products that even the most experienced stone specialists might mistake for marble. Stone Quartz attends every major stone event around the globe to ensure that we are doing everything we can to offer our customers the most modern designs that they can think of, including an Industrial Series, a Modern Marble Series and even a growing Surface Impressions Series. In an attempt to be the industry leader, we are currently working on introducing a new collection that we plan on calling the “Surface Impressions Series”, which we believe will fundamentally disrupt the industry.

Practical Pricing

We are very proud of our products; we stand behind their quality by offering a 25-year residential warranty. We back up our contemporary designs with our experience, our attendance at every major stone event, and also with the humbleness to listen to our designers when they suggest new designs. We love our products and we’re sure that you’ll love them too, because they were made for you. Because of that, we also made our pricing for you too. At Stone Quartz, our number one goal will always be quality, but our number two goal has always been and will always be to provide as many Canadians with their dream home as possible. A lot of other quartz companies offer a tier of products at a lower price point than we do, but that tier is filled with quartz products that are made to look like granite, which is very inexpensive to make because of the fact that it is just a mix of colors with no consistency, and which also have been in much lower demand. Stone Quartz would never offer a “cheap” tier, just to say that we do. Our focus is on providing the most in-demand designs at better than competitive pricing.

Quality Backed

When creating our quartz products, we exceed the industry standards. All of our quartz products contain a minimum of 90% pure, natural quartz minerals, which are set firmly in place using resins and pigments. We offer book-matched quartz slabs, which other quartz companies are afraid to do, this is due to the fact that it takes true craftsmanship to perfect this process and to assure alignment of the natural-looking veins. We offer our customers a 25-year residential warranty on all of our quartz products. We can be so confident in the quality of our products because we actually use our products in our everyday lives. When manufacturing quartz, different batches of the same product might produce slightly different pigmentation, this is just something that every manufacturer deals with due to the long and extensive manufacturing process of quartz. This is why when we create our quartz products, we always stamp them with the date in which they were created to assure our customers that their Stone Quartz products were manufactured within the same batch. Another way in which we are proud to assure our customers of our quality is through our network of Certified Fabricators. You could buy a diamond from a company and do all the research you possibly can to make sure that you’re purchasing your diamond from a reputable company, but what good would that do you if you don’t perform the same amount of research on determining if the company you hire to cut your diamond is also a high-quality company. This same analogy applies to your Stone Quartz surfaces, which is why we offer our customers a very select list of Certified Fabricators to cut and install your Stone Quartz surfaces. Through our years of experience, we hand-selected the finest fabricators in the Greater Toronto Area and made them our Certified Fabricators by putting them through an extensive program that covers even the smallest details to ensure the quality of your finished Stone Quartz surfaces.

Our Mission

Stone Quartz is proudly a Canadian company built entirely by Canadians for Canadians. We’re on a mission to offer Canadians three things that are truly important to us; quality assurance, practical pricing, and the most modern designs possible. Stone Quartz is very passionate about the quality of our products and is proud to offer our customers the lowest prices possible, but what truly motivated us to start this company is the lack of modern designs made available by other quartz companies. We have a burning desire to offer our customers products that truly and actually look like some of the most luxurious marbles in the world. Our team is constantly perfecting our color mixology and vein appearance that goes into every Stone Quartz surface.

”We have sold natural stone, including the most expensive marbles in the world, for the last 40 years. Some of our designers can’t tell the difference between Stone Quartz’s products and our own. Their designs are truly game changing.”

– Tuscany Natural Stone & Quartz Ltd.